www.daveling.co.uk - The official site of the hellraisin', headbangin', Crystal Palace lovin' metal maniac that is my long-time mate Dave Ling's internet pride and joy.

www.glorydazemusic.com - The best resource for fans of 70s and 80s hard rock, melodic rock and metal on the web is George Thatcher's excellent retro rock site. Plenty of obscurities to be found here, that's for sure.

www.melodicrock.com  - The best melodic and hard rock site on the entire web! If you're looking for the latest AOR news, soundbytes and the infamous Noticeboard, you'll find it on Sir Andrew McNeice's site.

www.rockcandyrecords.com/ - The best reissue label in the world!

www.aorheaven.com - Get those new CDs from here!

www.schmankerl-records.com - ....and from here too!!

www.rockreport.be - Chris Lambert's  excellent melodic rock site.

www.starzcentral.com - The official Starz site courtesy of guitarist Richie Ranno. Plenty of merchandise - including T-shirts and live CDs available from the band directly from here.

www.angelrocks.com -- One of the greatest rock bands of all-time, this site is probably one of the better ones devoted to the 'White Hot' ones

www.thisisthestart.com - Discover all the latest news and downloads from Aimee Echo and co's official web presence.

http://wimpwire.flexnes.com/ - Visit some of my 'Kerrang!' articles on another site dedicated to Derek Oliver's legendary K! Kolumn. I take it the royalty cheques are in the post, Terje? LOL!

www.kissonline.com - The official website for the self-styled 'Hottest Band In The World'.

www.firehousemusic.com - The official website of North Carolina's finest melodic rock troupe.

www.leverty.com - Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty's official site.

www.strangers-in-the-night.com - UFO, UFO and more UFO.

www.woundedbird.com - Re-issue heaven!

www.xoch.com - Home of 'The One'.

www.planetclaire.com - Official site of erstwhile Tami Show vocalist Claire Massey.

www.genesimmons.com - The official mouthpiece for the God Of Thunder.

www.melodic.net - Excellent Swedish based site concentrating on modern, melodic rock and West Coast AOR.

www.thisisthestart.com - The Start's official site. Now of course, signed to Nitro Records!

www.secondspin.com - Great site for 2nd hand US CDs. Reliable service too.

www.newenglandrocks.com - Official website of the great New England. One of AOR's finest bands.

www.hotwheelscollectors.com - Where 40+ year old men going on 12  dwell over toy cars they first discovered 40 years ago.

www.nottscountyfc.co.uk - The official site of the oldest Football League club in the world. 150 years old this year!

www.nottscountymad.co.uk - The best Notts related site on the Internet.

www.pittsburghpenguins.com - The best ice hockey team in the NHL's official site.

www.nhl.com - The coolest game on earth.

www.aik.se - Official site of AIK Solna. Football and Ice Hockey. Gnaget!!!

www.dsc-arminia-bielefeld.de - Official website of Arminia Bielefeld.