Dave Reynolds Y2K

As a co-founder of the influential 80s hard rock and heavy metal publication 'Metal Forces' before becoming one of the leading writers with 'Kerrang!' from 1987 through to the mid 90s, Dave Reynolds certainly played his part in the rise to prominence of many of the genre's hottest new artists during that period.  His championing of such acts as Britny Fox, Pantera, The Bang Gang, Nelson, Tyketto, Crown Of Thorns, Freak Of Nature, Stevie Salas Colorcode, Danger Danger, Tall Stories and countless others certainly raised awareness of such groups on a global basis. His adoration of all things Angel, on the other hand, is legendary!

Having first become interested in rock music in the early 70s thanks to regular appearances on 'Top Of The Pops' and 'Look In' magazine by Slade, Sweet and Alice Cooper, music had taken a bit of a back seat in Dave's affections during the mid 70s as obsessions with football and Formula One Motor Racing took a hold, but it was life-changing exposure to Kiss on a German TV broadcast (discovering Angel, Rush and Cheap Trick as a by product of becoming a Kiss fan) and then attending his first live gig (Status Quo in their prime) that set a course for Dave to fully immerse himself in music ever since.

Returning to the U.K. in the midst of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Dave began his journalistic career by teaming up with Steve Hammonds, Martin Boon, Dave Ling and Dave Redman to create 'White Lightning', a fanzine that ran to only three issues but would pave the way for the publication of 'Metal Forces' in 1983 after Dave and Steve joined fellow rock devotees Bernard Doe, Dave Constable, Kelv Hellrazer and many others to create 'Metal Forces'.

In addition to his exploits with 'Metal Forces' and 'Kerrang!', Dave was a regular presence behind the counter in the infamous 'Shades' record store in London; has contributed to the likes of  'Metal Hammer', 'Rip', 'Metalzone', 'Hard Roxx', 'Fireworks' and 'Heavy Oder Was?' and, after a lengthy hiatus away from writing, now contributes to the recently launched 'Classic Rock Presents: AOR'.